Write your first query

We'll be using Firestore. Just follow the instructions below.


  1. Open up the Firestore docs in a new browser tab.

  2. Scan the docs, especially the "Get a document" section.

  3. Open another tab and go to Glitch.com.

  4. Create a Glitch.com account and click around a bit to get comfortable.

  5. Visit the Glitch project for this challenge, coordinated-freighter

  6. Look over the code in index.html and read the comments.

  7. Try to query the star-wars-people collection inside the getPeople() function

Check out your results

  1. Click the "Show" button on your glitch to pop open a preview of your page.

  2. Navigate to the Console tab in DevTools to view your JavaScript output

If you get stuck...

  1. Reference the Firestore docs as necessary

  2. Check out the solution in complete.html and watch the solution video!

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