Full-Stack Firebase


Our goals is to grow your understanding of the Firebase application-development platform until you're comfortable deploying an app to production.

We have a number of ways to learn, so sample them until you find what works for you 😊

Check out GitBooks

Don't love reading raw Markdown? Read this book on GitBook.

Beginners Welcome!

You'll need to know JavaScript. If you're weak on JavaScript... this may not be the course for you.

Check out the Prerequisites chapter for all of the details.

You don't need to know anything about Firebase to get started. Just be patient and move slowly through the material.

If you're already adept with Firebase, then please jump around! The more advanced modules later in the course will be of particular interest.

We'll cover integration for Angular and React. The Firebase SDK is all vanilla JavaScript, so if you can integrate with Angular and React, you should be able to integrate with any other modern framework.


This course consists of a bunch of modules, including:

  • Firebase Console
  • Authentication
  • Firestore
  • Realtime Database
  • Cloud Functions
  • Storage
  • Messaging
  • Hosting

Module Structure

Each module will have the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • Feature walk-through(s)
  • Exercise(s)
  • Downloadable notes

Some modules will build on each other, so skip around carefully 😉

What to expect

  • Opinionated code
  • Angular and React integrations
  • You'll need a Firebase account

We write opinionated code, and we like our courses opinionated as well.

If you're not familiar with Angular or React, do not worry. The markup and JavaScript is easy enough to read, and we'll stick to vanilla JS as much as possible.

Firebase's free Spark plan is very generous. Firebase Functions requires a paid Blaze plan IF you want to make external HTTP calls. Otherwise, you can skate by on Spark.

This course is not...

  • 100% framework agnostic
  • Exhaustive documentation
  • Constantly updated

Firebase is framework-agnostic... but good luck writing a modern web application without some sort of templating framework.

We'll reference the Firebase Docs quite a bit throughout. We will try to duplicate them.

Firebase changes. A lot. The docs are canonical. Use them. We'll do our best to update this content, but staying 100% current would be a full-time job.

Have you found an error or a bug? Don't hesitate to file an issue or make pull requests 💕

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